Rachel’s Valentine’s Day Must-Haves

Rachel’s Valentine’s Day Must-Haves

Rachel’s Valentine’s Day Must-Haves

Rachel’s Valentine’s Day Must-Haves

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and while this particular holiday might make some roll their eyes, I love to go out and celebrate this occasion.

A Valentine’s Day “date night” has always been a must for me. On years that I was single as well as years that I was not, I’ve always enjoyed drinks and food with my girl friends, or whoever was currently special in my life on February 14th.

Of course, choosing an outfit for the occasion is half the fun! Valentine’s Day should be a day for self-love before anything else, so get a new outfit and make sure you feel good about yourself come the occasion. A pair of tights has always made me feel sexy and confident, and I have some must-have choices that are perfect for date night with your boo, girlfriends, or even just yourself.

Here are my must-have Valentine’s Day items!

Heart Print Tights

Call it cliche, but of course Heart Print Tights make the perfect accessory to complete any Valentine’s date-night outfit. With their heart print motif, they’ll add a feminine and playful touch to any basic dress or skirt. 

Back Heart Seam Tights

Back Heart Seam Tights are just as feminine as Heart Print Tights, but offer a little more sass, which will really have you feeling yourself come Valentine’s Day. It’s a small detail that will make a big difference and will help complete your Valentine’s look. Great news, they’re also available in extended sizes! 

Opaque Heart Print Tights 

Come Valentine's Day, swap your simple black opaque tights for this option with heart print for a feminine finish that no one else will have. This intricate design is perfect for the season and totally appropriate to complete your daytime or evening look this Valentine's Day. 

Back Heart Print Tights 

If you're looking to add just a subtle touch of romance to your looks, these sheer tights with a heart print detailing located on the lower leg is your answer. Whether you’re going casual in a denim skirt or more dressy in a LBD, complete your next date look with these tights. 

Bow Back Seam Tights

Not into heart print? That's fine! Back seam tights with back bow detailing is just as modern and flirty for Valentine's Day. Wear this original tights design with any flared dress and you'll have an easy outfit that's ready in no time for date night. 

Classic fishnets

Fishnet tights will upgrade your style and give you a sexy and sophisticated look for Valentine’s Day. Wear them with a mini skirt or under a pair of jeans for a more casual look.

What will you be doing for Valentine’s Day?



Which tights styles fit my wardrobe?

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