DIY: Candle Sweaters with Old Tights

DIY: Candle Sweaters with Old Tights

When it’s time to update your home on a budget, there are tons of easy and affordable decor projects you can take on. I love playing with the home accessories...

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Winter Pamper Evening

The Best-Ever Winter Tights To Keep You Cozy All Season Long

It’s a classic fashionista’s dilemma… is there any way that I can keep wearing my favourite skirts and dresses all winter long? (Canadian babes know this struggle all too well.) When the temperatures drop and the snow is falling, you...


Warm Up to Leg Warmers

Winter is a great season for accessories of all kinds, because it’s also the perfect season for layering. When the weather gets cooler and its time to cozy up, there’s no better way to do that than to keep adding layer after...

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Guys: Give Her the Perfect Gift This Year

Guys: Give Her the Perfect Gift This Year

Ladies, if you’ve got a man in your life who always struggles to find a gift for you, send him the link to this post, and we’ll give him some hints to help him along… Fellas, do you struggle to...

unique tights

Why These Unique Tights Are THE Look For Fall 

  When it comes to autumn fashion, the season itself provides so much inspiration. The weather is the perfect middle ground between chilly and warm, and the change of the season encourages us to try experimentation and risk with our fashion choices! What better...

halloween costume

Use Tights To Create The Perfect Halloween Costume

Halloween is almost here! You know what that means: it’s time to start planning your halloween costume. But with so many halloween costume options available, it can be overwhelming to decide what to be. Luckily, there’s a way to make...

tights autumn

Fall Fashion Favourite: Tights in Autumn

Ah, September. Autumn is in the air. With the change of season, the days get shorter, the temperatures drop, and we see our favourite accessory in its best light. Tights in autumn may just be one of our favourite things about this...

Spice Up Your Wardrobe with TIGHTS

Spice Up Your Wardrobe with TIGHTS

Bring your clothes back to life  If you’re feeling tired of your dated old closet, don’t worry, you can learn to love your clothes again! One of the best things about tights is how easily they can spice up your...

Who is She? Let Us Introduce You to Rachel

Who is She? Let Us Introduce You to Rachel

The best friends are those who know how to listen carefully, and give good advice. It’s even better to have a friend who’s got amazing style, and who’s willing to share her fashion sense with you. We’d like to introduce...


Sockettes: The “must-have” accessory this summer

Socks haven’t always been the most popular accessory in our closet. They are often forgotten, or completely left behind in summertime. But guess what? This summer, socks are not hiding anymore. In the past few months, socks have undergone a true revolution,...

Every Summer Style Has Its Sockette

Every Summer Style Has Its Sockette

With the beautiful weather finally here, it is time to take our summer skirts, dresses, shorts, and cropped pants out of their deep sleep (and, for the shopaholics like me, go crazy buying new summer clothes)! Our sheer sockettes will give...

5 Reasons to Wear Tights in May

5 Reasons to Wear Tights in May

With the beautiful sunshine we have been blessed with, it is tempting to indulge towards the summer collections: lighter, shorter dresses, and pretty shorts that have been desperately waiting for these beautiful days. Be patient, summer is coming soon! In the mean...

Which tights styles fit my wardrobe?

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