Feb 13, 2023

How to Choose the Right Size of Tights

Tights are without a doubt a wardrobe staple, but in order for them to complete your wardrobe you have to find the right pair for you.
Your tights need to be high quality, they need to suit your style and most of all, they need to be the right size!

When shopping for pairs of tights, size is the most important. I repeat: size is most important, lucky you we have a wide range of sizes from A to G!

Not only is wearing a pair of tights that are too small a surefire way to rip them before ever leaving the house (sound familiar?), you're also more likely to feel uncomfortable in them.

Tights are usually sold in sizes small, medium, large and extra large, or are sized A to D, and sizes are based on height and weight. So if you ever come across pairs of tights that claim to be ‘one size fits all', proceed with caution!

Here's what you need to know to select the right size tights for you!

Sizing differs

Not only do tights sizes differ immensely from your typical jean size, they also differ from brand to brand and from fit to fit. Various tights will be made of different yarns, come from different sources and will consist of different knit fabric constructions. That's why you always want to consult the size chart before purchasing a pair of tights. The size chart is typically based on height and weight, and can typically be found on the company's website and on the back of their packaging.

To read the size chart, first determine what your weight is in either pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg) and then your height in either feet (ft) or centimetres (cm).
Next, find your measurements on the size charts on the top, bottom and side panels, and find where your height and weight measure up to determine your size. Read the measurement correctly and don't hesitate if your one size bigger than usual – it's normal! 

Over-the-knee tights

Bigger is better

After consulting the size chart, if you find yourself to be in-between sizes or at the upper end of a size range, you should always opt for the bigger size. Tights are typically made small and considering their close fit, it's better for them to be bigger rather than too small. There's really no need to ever try and squeeze into a pair!

Looks can be deceiving

Tights come in a range of shapes and materials, so don't be fooled by their appearance. When you remove a pair of tights from their packaging sometimes they can appear to be too small or too large, but looks are deceiving. Tights are not products that can be measured or compared when laid down on a table because they have the ability to stretch and mold to your shape. If you followed the size chart correctly, you probably have the right size in hand. Go ahead and give them a try.

scalloped black tights

Plus-size is different

Full-figured women and women who typically shop extended sizes will need more support than what a typical pair of tights can offer. Tights in extended sizes are often designed with a special waist band that won't pinch your waist and feature a control panty that will give you more support. We offered tights in plus sizes!


Women's plus size tights

Now you can discover and shop all our types of tights : Over-the-knee tights, opaque tights, sheer tights, black tights, patterns tights, maternity tights...

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