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Slow Down Capsule

 Rose Buddha sustainable activewear  Rose Buddha sustainable activewear

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Rose Buddha

Free to move. Free to slow down.

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Very well made, strong and flexible fabric. Fabric so soft.Beautiful design, as sexy as I had hoped for! Chantal

Over-the-knee Criss-Cross


These are extremely comfortable and very flattering. I got so many compliments on these tights and I'm excited to wear them with future outfits! Nicole

Over-the-knee striped tights


I definitely found this item true to size, it fits perfectly and shapes the body amazing!! The length is perfect and looks great with the scalloped tights. Highly recommend. Morgann

Skater skirt


It's a great skirt! Material wise it is a little different than I expected, but it is still good quality. I like the way this one sits on me the length is perfect, doesn't feel like a mini skirt but isn't too long either. Kim

Mini plaid skirt

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