Oct 25, 2019

How To Not Rip Your Tights

It’s a beautiful fall day as you step out of your house in a killer autumn outfit: black booties, a chic mini skirt, your favourite leather jacket and of course, a pair of cool tights to save your skin from dropping temperatures. You arrive at your destination feeling as stylish as you would on your first day of school, only to look down and discover a patch of skin seeping through a fresh hole in your tights – WHHYYYYYYYYYY – you’ll likely think to yourself, if you don’t first yell it at the top of your lungs!

How, when and where will probably be the next questions to cross your mind. Is it me? Is it my tights? Is mercury in retrograde?

The answer is maybe, maybe and maybe, but probably not.

Bottom line, tights are a wardrobe essential, but they’re also delicate and you need to care for them properly if you want them to last, as they should. But what’s a girl to do to save her tights from rips, runs and snags? Actually, quit a bit!

Read on to discover 5 tips to save your tights from disaster!


Buy the right kind

It all begins with a good pair of quality tights! Some tights are manufactured in China with cheap materials, while others come from Italy where tights are known as one of the country’s specialties. Always ensure you’re buying quality tights by checking where they are manufactured (hey, that’s ethical too!) and opting for tights made of fabric blends such as Polymide, Nylon, and Elastane. Tights with reinforced toes are also a bonus!


Size is most important

A surefire way to rip your tights before ever leaving your house is to buy them too small! Make sure to always consult the size chart before purchasing a pair of tights, as it differs from your jean size. In between two sizes? Always opt for the bigger size!


It matters how you put them on

How Not To Rip Your Tights

The way you put on your tights is crucial to protecting them. Take off any jewelry and make sure you don’t have any broken nails. I would also recommend that you moisturize your hands and feet so no rough edges can damage your tights.

Next, grab a seat and roll your tights around your toes before gently pulling them up. If possible, wear gloves, and be sure to follow these steps when you take them off as well!


Avoid friction

Any friction on your tights will cause snags and potential runs. Besides being cautious of jewelry, be careful with other materials you’re wearing such as denim or embellishments found on your tops or dresses.

When wearing a pair of booties or closed-toe shoes, always wear a pair of socks over your tights to further protect them.


Try freezing them


This is going to sound a little weird, but listen up: Prior to your first wear, place your tights in the FREEZER for 24 hours. The cold will help strengthen your tights, so they’ll last twice as long! Bring them to room temperature before wearing them.

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