Mar 11, 2022

How to Take the Perfect Leg Selfie

Want to step up your Instagram game? Take the perfect leg selfie and show off your favourite tights, sockettes or perhaps just your tanned and toned legs. 

To get started, I’ve gathered some pro tips to help you capture that insta-worthy moment.

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Here’s how to take the perfect leg selfie!

1. It’s all in the details

To capture the perfect leg selfie be conscience of your surroundings. The surface below you and the area around you are just as important as how your legs look to capture a picture that’s visually interesting. Choose a surface that has intricate detailing like hexagon tiles or a patterned rug and move any unwanted items out of the way before snapping away.

2. Use the grid

Use the built-in gridlines on Instagram or the grid available in your iphone camera settings, to take a leg selfie that’s evenly lined up. Leg selfies should be shot dead center for consistency and for the perfect mix of visual appeal.

3. Work your angles

If you think there’s just one way to take a leg selfie – think again! Leg selfies can be taken while seated, from above or below, or you can also get an “aerial view” of your legs.

#Fromwhereistand: Photographing your legs from above while standing is a very popular way of taking a good leg selfie and requires minimal effort. Pop your butt out and angle your phone downwards to capture as much of your outfit and legs as possible. I also like to pop one knee so your shoes are less of a focal point.

#Fromwhereisit: Capturing a leg selfie while sitting can be more challenging, but offers more possibilities. You can sit on a chair or stairs with your legs crossed, or even sit on the floor with your legs spread out to capture the perfect leg selfie. Again, capture a view from above and angle your phone downwards to share more outfit details.

#Viewfrombelow: This is a beautiful and original way to take a leg selfie, but it’s also the most difficult! Rest your butt against a wall or the back of a couch for some support and photograph your legs from below. Cross your legs for added visual flare.

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4. Don’t forget about the shoes

Though your legs will be the focal point of any leg selfie, you’ll still want to have cute shoes on!

5. Accessorize

Jazz up your pictures with the help of accessories. Hold a cute clutch in one hand while taking your leg selfie or include your furry friend in the picture for an insta-worthy moment.

I can’t wait to see all your photos on instagram! Happy picture taking!



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