Nov 18, 2019

Tips for Buying Tights that Won’t Rip or Snag (Video)

Tights season is upon us! If you’re thinking about stocking up on this wardrobe staple for the colder months, you first need to know how to shop for tights properly.

Hosiery is a close fitting garment, so if you’re buying a pair that don’t fit well or that are low quality, you’ll quickly regret your purchase, and you’ll likely want to stay away from this great accessory altogether.

In fact, there are a FEW things you need to take into account before shopping for tights! In the video below, my friend Jennifer shares some important tips so you can buy tights that won’t rip or snag.

So, are you ready to finally feel comfortable in your tights and also expand their life expectancy?

Here are 3 tips to follow to buy tights that won’t rip or snag!

Is there anything else you want to know about how to shop for tights? 



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