Jan 09, 2023

A Guide to Choosing Tights for Any Season

Everyone knows that tights are the perfect accessory to help you stay warm and stylish in cold weather, but with dozens and dozens of tights options, how do you choose the right pair?

If you’re feeling a little lost and confused while shopping for tights, you’ll be happy to know that there’s actually a system you can use to find the best pair of tights for every season and it’s called “denier”.

Understanding denier will allow you to pick the perfect pair of tights for every month of the year.

Here’s what you need to know about denier to choose tights for any season!

Understanding denier

Denier is a unit of measurement that describes the opacity, strength, thickness, and warmth of your tights. Denier is often represented as DEN or D. The higher the DEN of your tights, the thicker and more opaque they will be, while the lower the DEN, the thinner and more sheer your tights will be. It’s that simple!

High denier explained

Thick tights that have a high DEN will be more opaque, warm, and comfortable. For example, a DEN rating of about 40 would give you a pair of thick, opaque tights that are perfect for cold weather. Tights with this level of denier will also be stronger and more durable, protecting you from chill and keeping you totally cozy. Opt for tights with a high denier to beat the winter chill come December and January.

Low denier explained

Tights with a lower DEN are thinner and more sheer. They have a sexy finish and are perfect for the Spring and Summer months, as well as for the beginning of Fall. You’ll want to wear these tights April to November for a day time look, but also all year round for a sexy evening look. Tights with a lower DEN also happen to be more fragile, so pay special attention to care for them properly.

Denier for every season

So, here’s our scale for using denier to choose the perfect tights for any season:

Fall/Winter: 40 DEN or above (opaque and warm)

Spring/Summer to Fall: 5 – 40 DEN (sheer and light)

tight deniers

NOTE: You’ll still want to have sheer tights (tights with a low denier) on hand all year round for your evening looks.

Now, you’ll never be caught wearing tights that are too warm or too thin ever again! What tights style is your favourite?



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