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All you need to know about Rachel's Tights

Our Values

Sustainable materials

We choose to produce all of our tights with sustainable materials made from recycled nylon, which helps reduce energy & water consumption during the production.

Made in Italy

We select all our partners with great care and according to their expertise and share the same values as us about humain rights & eco-production.

Unique designs

Our tights are made in our office in Montréal by our team of designers. We like to ask our customers to vote for their favorite styles before we produce them to make sure we meet their needs.

Our Types of Tights

Our Materials

La production des fils du Nilit utilise un processus de recyclage très efficace qui réduit de 55% la consommation de CO2, d'énergie et d'eau lors de sa fabrication. Ainsi, Nilit est en mesure de conserver de manière significative les ressources naturelles précieuses lors de la fabrication des ses fils, réduisant ainsi son impact sur l'environnement.

C'est une fibre de nylon obtenue exclusivement à partir de matières premières respectueuses de l'environnement qui répondent à des exigences de traçabilité spécifiques. Le nylon est un produit pétrolier qui libère des gaz nocifs lors de la production. 50% des fibres Q-Nova proviennent de matières recyclées, fabriquées à partir de déchets provenant du cycle de production de l'entreprise.

La laine mérinos reponsable est une laine certifiée éthique qui respecte le bien-être des moutons et assure une utilisation durable des terres. On aime la chaleur et le confort de cette fibre, surtout lorsqu'elle est éthique !

3 Important Features

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Denier is the amount of transparency of a tights will have, which is directly related to its thickness and resistance. The lower the denier, the more sheer and fragile the tights will be, the higher the denier, the warmer, more opaque and more resistant the tights will be.

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The typical panty of Rachel tights is opaque and offers a slight sculpting effect, with a comfortable waist. It is normal for the waist band of your tights to sit on your body above your navel or your normal waist line. To stay in place, tights should not be too low on the body, otherwise they will tend to come down during the day.

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Reinforced toes give the tights greater durability. It's common for us to have slightly pointed toenails, and since not all tights have high resistance, it helps if this part of the tights is reinforced.

Most Popular


I love these tights and received so many compliments. They are pretty cute, and I love the look of them appearing like knee socks.



These tights are such a fun pattern to wear - they make any simple outfit fun. As always, the fit was perfect and the quality was amazing. 10/10



They are so cute I love them! They are just what I was looking for. &They fit perfect based on the size chart.



Fits excellent and looks so cute on! The detail on back of tights is amazing! ❤️



How to choose the right size?

Not only do tights sizes differ from brand to brand and from fit to fit. Various tights will be made of different yarns, come from different sources and will consist of different knit fabric constructions. That's why you always want to consult the size chart before purchasing a pair of tights.

Consult our size chart to be sure to get the right one. If you are between 2 sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size.

Check our blog article to learn more

Can I exchange if the tights do not suit me?

Being a hygiene product, we kindly ask our customers to return their pantyhose undamaged, packaged as shipped, in their original condition with all tags attached.
The packaging must not have been opened.

How to take care of my tights?

1. Gradually put on your tights, starting at the end of your toes, then carefully roll them down your legs.

2. To put on your tights, take care to have your nails filed and not wearing any jewellery.

3. When wearing it, avoid contact with scratches, repeated friction with the zippers of your shoes or any gripping material. You can wear thin socks over it, to protect it from your shoes.

How to wash my tights?

What you need to know is that tights are very delicate and throwing them in the laundry with the rest of your clothes is sure to ruin them.

We highly recommend you to use a wash bag.

Hang your pantyhose to air dry.