Jun 18, 2020

5 Reasons to Wear Tights this Summer

Summer might seem like an awkward time to wear tights, but there’s actually plenty of reasons why you should embrace tights, even during warmer months.

As during any other season, tights can elevate your style instantly, but there’s also a few other reasons why you definitely should stock up on tights this summer.

Here are 5 reasons why summer is a great time to embrace tights!

1. They make a statement

We still wear pants in the summer, especially on cooler evenings, so why settle for only one legwear option when you can make an even bigger fashion statement with a pair of unique tights? Tights can easily allow you to extend your wardrobe and allow you to create fashion forward outfits all summer long.

2. They keep you warm in the office

It might be hot outside, but inside at the office, it’s always freezing! Keep wearing your favourite skirts and dresses, by slipping on a pair of tights once you arrive at work. Keep a pair in your purse or at your desk so you always have them handy.


3. They’re your saviour when you don’t shave

Really, who has time to shave everyday this summer? Thankfully, tights can allow you to go a few extra days without shaving when you’re time pressed. Avoid pants and keep wearing pretty summer dresses and skirts by pairing them with sheer tights this season.

4. They prevent friction

I’m a proud member of the jiggly thigh club, but that doesn’t mean it’s not annoying come summer! During the warmer season, our thighs can easily rub together and cause friction, which is very uncomfortable. Prevent friction and stop your thighs from rubbing together by opting for tights instead this season.


5. They stop your shoes from giving you blister

There are so many pretty sandals and heels to choose from this summer, but unfortunately, they’re not always comfortable. To stop your shoes from giving you blisters wear them with tights instead. Not to mention, they’ll protect your pedicure and keep your feet from getting sweaty.

How will you embrace tights this summer?



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